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Adam Csoka Keller,2018

United Kingdom


“天后”的歌喉唱响了变装酒吧,也名满歌剧院。这一曲超现实梦幻的酷儿古典之音,这具象化的巴洛克符号,这臭名昭著的世纪诗篇,这一首原创的歌剧咏叹调,由首席变装女高音Divina de Campo与作曲家V. R. Alevizos的室内管弦乐团共同首演。

Cries of ‘DIVA’ are known to ring out in the drag bar as well as the opera house. In this surreal queer fantasia on classical music, Baroque iconography, and scandalous first-century verse, drag prima donna Divina de Campo premieres an original operatic aria with chamber orchestra by composer V. R. Alevizos.

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