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Lan Yu


关锦鹏 Stanley Kwan, 2001

Mainland China/ Hong Kong


时值1988年,富商陈捍东邂逅了18岁从东北老家走到北京求学青年蓝宇,二人顷刻擦出火花,堕入世所不容的同性情网中。备受家庭责 任压力所困的陈捍东在几经挣扎后渐欲退出这场爱的游戏,然而他却未能如愿忘记蓝宇。未料中国大陆整顿贪风,陈捍东锒铛入狱,幸有蓝宇等人为其奔走,使他终被无罪释放。陈捍东家人渐渐接受蓝宇。就在大家以为已经雨过天晴的时候,天意竟再度弄人。回光返照式的短暂欢快时光逝去后,这段刻骨铭心的爱情竟以悲剧告终...

It’s 1988, and businessman Chen Handong and student Lan Yu have crossed paths in Beijing. The two fall madly in love, and a relationship marred by taboos and stigmas thus ensues. Handong tries to leave the relationship but finds himself unable to erase Lan Yu from his mind. Facing one obstacle after another, the two enjoy fleeting moments of happiness before the relationship ultimately succumbs to tragedy.

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