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短片单元入选名单公布 | 2018上海酷儿影展 Short Film Section Official Selection Announced | 2018 SHQFF




After a careful selection process, the 2018 Shanghai Queer Film Festival Short Film Section Official Selection has just been released!

To present a better representation of queer culture in Asia and around the world, this year the Shanghai Queer Film Festival Short Film Section has been divided into two units: the Asian Short Film Competition and the World Short Film Screening. In the past three months we have received more than 100 short films from all over the world. We would like to thank all of you for your enthusiastic participation. Today, we are pleased to announce the 17 films of our Official Selection, including 8 official shortlisted films for the Asian Short Film Section and 9 official entries for the World Short Film Screening. 

All selected films will be screened during the film festival in September.

2018年上海酷儿影展 SHQFF


Official Selections for Asian Short Film Section


Slingshot Prince


Sixin Lin, the United States/China


It’s 1995 in a small town in the south of China and 12-year-old Tomboy girl is an embarrassment to her family who values her younger brother far more than her. Tomboy girl has decided to dress like a boy, think like a man and count the days until she can leave her village and find a place where she can be treated as an equal. The boys in her school are threatened by Tomboy girl's independence and decide to teach her a lesson by cornering her in a dark alley and sexually molesting her. Determined to avenge this injustice, Tomboy girl chases the boys through town, picking them off one-by-one with her slingshot.    




Xinyuan Zheng Lu, the United States



“我可以想象生活里没有你,只是不确定,那是不是更好的生活。”- Val


Val, Max, Alix and Jonathan. They love then are apart. By the end of the day, the only loyalty to Val is music, to Max is freedom, to Alix is joy. Jonathan looks just like Max. "I can imagine my life without you, I just don't  know if it will be better.” - Val



Yuchao Feng, the United States


A teen finds comfort, freedom, and affirmation in dressing in “women’s clothing,” until they see their father on the street.    


Pink Pill


Xiaoshan Xie, China


The story happened in a small town in China. Zhang He, a girl in high school. She was found to be a lesbian and then being bullied. Li Bo, likes her very much. He tries so hard to protect her. One day, he was told that maybe aphrodisiac could cure her gayness. Will it? Can he really change her? Or only destroy them both?   


Old Narcissus

Tsuyoshi Shoji,日本

Tsuyoshi Shoji, Japan


An old picture book writer named Yamazaki, having been handsome as a young gay man, grows narcissistic of his beauty. But now, can’t bear his own aging. One night, Yamazaki meets a young and beautiful man named Leo. Yamazaki collapses during an S&M session with Leo, and reveals his agony. But it’s lost on young Leo. Yamazaki turns to hurting himself in order to bear his own reflection in the mirror….    




Yanxun Li,Taiwan


It’s about a tidal like relationship. Ocean, a boy who grew in a small island. He has a taboo relationship with Tide, a sailor who regularly dock the island. On once Tide’s docking. Ocean is going to tell Tide that he had convinced his mother to let him go sailing. On the other hand, Tide has been concealing his married identity to Ocean. And he decided to end their romance.    


Sorry For The Inconvenience

Carl Chavez,菲律宾

Carl Chavez, the Philippines


JOSHUA, a timid teenager, comes home one night after beaten up by the school's bully. Feeling the urge to avenge himself, he decides to take matters into his own hands. But things don't go as planned. Now, he is left with no choice but to seek help from his policeman father.     



Seung Yeob Lee,韩国

Seung Yeob Lee, Korea


Jungho's mom comes up to Seoul and visits Jungho's place in a sudden and Jungho is not comfortable with her suddeb visit.    



Official Selections for World Short Film Screening


Little Boy Blue

Andreas Samuelson,瑞典Sweden


A boy and his two fathers are visited night time by a mysterious stranger.   



Jimi Vall Peterson,瑞典 Sweden


Emil and Adam are two guys in their 20's. They are close friends, and after a night at the movies, Emil is going to sleep over at Adam's. Emil has unspoken feelings for Adam - feelings that are tested when they are sleeping in the same double bed. A film about friendship and the longing for something more. 




Adam Csoka Keller,英国  the United Kingdom

“天后”的歌喉唱响了变装酒吧,也名满歌剧院。这一曲超现实梦幻的酷儿古典之音,这具象化的巴洛克符号,这臭名昭著的一世纪诗篇,这一首原创的歌剧咏叹调,由首席变装女高音Divina de Campo与作曲家V. R. Alevizos的室内管弦乐团共同首演。这两种艺术形式被搬上了具有悠久历史的欧洲音乐厅舞台,相撞中欢喜了传统,产生出极端的性别演绎,构建了同一个空间,让变装皇后与歌剧皇后有了同一副皮囊。

Cries of ‘DIVA’ are known to ring out in the drag bar as well as the opera house. In this surreal queer fantasia on classical music, Baroque iconography, and scandalous first-century verse, drag prima donna Divina de Campo premieres an original operatic aria with chamber orchestra by composer V. R. Alevizos. Europe’s historic concert halls set the stage for an ecstatic meeting of two art traditions which traffic in extremes of gender performance, enacting a space where the drag bar diva and the opera house diva share the same skin.    


Refugees under the Rainbow

Stella Traub,德国Germany


"At the end of the rainbow you will find a treasure – it will completely change your life." Whoever tries to find the end of the rainbow will realise things are not that easy - the end of the rainbow is not a fixed point. Also Yusuf, Ritah and William had to make this experience in their lives – just like many LGBT* refugees. The film tells the story of their journey. A journey from Uganda to Germany, a story of violence, hope, disappointments and everyone's personal rainbow.   



Sookee- of Seahorses and Closets

Johannes Jungehulsing,德国Germany


"Sookee - Of Seahorses and Closets" is a multilayered and intimate portrait of Sookee, a famous queer-feminist Hip Hop Artist and left-wing activist in Germany. She fights against sexism, homophobia and racism - in german society and, especially, in german hip-hop for years now. Wether she’s putting on make-up, performing on big stages, giving lectures for students or at school, rapping at a lesbian wedding, cooking with her mother or writing lyrics in a berlin park - her life and thoughts revolve always around her message: Tolerance and love instead of discrimination and stereotyping. Honesty instead of arrogance. Diversity instead of binary thinking. Seahorses instead of closets.    



Maxime Feyers,比利时Belgium


France meets her son's girlfriend for the first time. She loses control…    


Silvia in the waves

Giovana Olmos,加拿大Canada


Noa struggles to honor the identity of his recently deceased parent while his mother tries to uphold the appearance of a conventional family. Grief and fantasy entwine to reveal the complex relationship between history and erasure, identity and memory.    


Something About Alex

Reinout Hellenthal,荷兰The Netherlands


Alex, a troubled and isolated teenager, finds a true and supportive friend in Hendrik, his sister's boyfriend. When Hendrik and Annelies announce their plans to leave the family home, Alex must face what is troubling him.


1st Day& Next Minute

Sara Koppel,丹麦Denmark

这是Sara Koppel的全新动画微短片,一部赤裸的爱情电影,讲述了一场刺激的冒险——撞入一片流性人的区域,其中四处充斥着欲望,在这里,肉欲和责任,可能永远是一对矛盾共同体,也一样苛刻难求。    

A new animated micro-short film by Sara Koppel - Naked Love Film. A rush adventure into a gender fluid-persons zone of desires. Where lust & responsibility is constant dividing & demanding needs.


The 8  films for the Asian Short Film Competition will be reviewed by five judges for six awards: Best Film, Best Director, Best Photography, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Jury Prize. The final winners will be announced at the Film Festival in September; the 9 World Short Films will not receive awards.


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