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2018年上海酷儿影展公布年度主题及视觉 SHQFF 2018 announces its theme and key visual



History is always on the move. As time goes by, we continually search for our authentic selves and the symbols that define each new generation.

Today, with the diversification of gender and sexual identities, the definitions of “queer” have multiplied as well. What kind of lives have queers of different generations lived? How have queer films changed over time? Compared with before, how have the social environments of queers on screen changed?



Today, we are pleased to announce the release of 2018 Shanghai Queer Film Festival theme, Generation Q. We invite you to explore the legacy of queer identities under the shadows and out in the light. As our key visual shows, through the cinematic interplay of light and darkness, we hope to uncover some of the vibrant, free faces that make up the queer community. At the same time, we gather to appreciate how over time and throughout history, independent, dinstinctive queer souls encounter each other and together create splendid works of contrasting shades.




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