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2019上海酷儿影展 | 春天来了,我们也来了 2019 SHQFF Spring's here, and so are we


We’ve successfully held two film festivals in September 2017 and 2018. This year (2019) is our third year running and we’ve brought you some exciting new changes as well.


More than one show


Differently from before, we will be hosting events throughout the year. Some events will be held multiple times, so that you can choose to come when you are free.


Short Film division will soon open film submissions


The 2019 SHQFF Short Film division will soon begin calls for film submissions - be on the lookout for later articles with more updates.


First event starts this spring



2019’s first SHQFF film screening event will be held in the spring, be sure not to miss it!

Starting the festival earlier and lasting longer means there will be events throughout most of the year - isn’t that exciting?! More information will be posted in our upcoming articles, so please keep an eye on our WeChat public account for updates.

Photo Credit: Alejandro Scott


See you soon! Stay tuned!

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