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21 December 2019

2019 SHQFF Asian Short Films

Part 1

Like fireworks

TING-WEI CHANG, Taiwan, China

Cram school, concerts, capsule machines, arcades—Ning and Rou, the both of us, now and the future, a decade from now. The sound of fireworks—just like fireworks.

Emerald Green

Deng Dong, United Kingdom

A mother and son, with much on their minds, take a road trip to the hospital in the provincial capital.


Jeremiah Estela Magoncia,


Every day, Euigon follows a simple routine: he wakes up before his alarm rings; listens to an English radio show while preparing for work; goes to work; eats lunch alone; goes to the gym after work; eats dinner; goes back home. He does the same thing the next day. Despite having a degree in photography, he works as a security guard in a big building. One day, his stepbrother, whom he has last seen 10 years ago, comes to visit. Suddenly his life starts to change.


Gayatri Bajpai, Nirav Bhakta, United States

On the eve of her wedding anniversary, empty-nester Sujata Chopra attempts to find some joy in her broken marriage, until she learns about the passing of her childhood companion’s spouse on Facebook. Having been disconnected from this woman for over 30 years over a misunderstanding, Sujata finds the courage to reach out to send her condolences. They reconnect, sparking friction when Sujata’s controlling husband, Dr. Chopra, finds out.

Days of rage

Eli Jean Tahchi, Canada

In December 2017, as Trump officially recognizes Jerusalem the capital of Israel, WALID, a 27 year old Palestinian finds out that his uncle who raised him, is suffering from terminal phase cancer. These disturbing news upset him and jeopardizes the relationship with his girlfriend especially after a provocative encounter with a man.

Strawberry Night

Yusha Chen, China Mainland

Shasha, a straight girl (long hair), is brought into sensual world between girls by another girl called Yuz (short hair) occasionally. All of this experience subverted her past perceptions of herself. And She began to doubt herself too. What followed is a series of unanswerable questions. While Shasha and Yuz were speechless, the accidental intrusion of Hongyu, another friend of them broke their silence. And they sit around, just listen to the sound outside the window in a winter morning...

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