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A Dog Barking at the Moon


相梓, 2019




Promising writer Huang Xiaoyu accompanied by her French husband, Benjamin, returns to her family to give birth to her child. She quickly finds herself caught up in the tensions opposing her mother Li Jiumei, indoctrinated into a cult, and her secretly homosexual father, Huang Tao.



Dating, getting married, bringing up children… At first sight, Huang Xiaoyu and her parents, Li Jiumei and Huang Tao, seem to live an ordinary and happy life. However, as time goes by, Li Jiumei becomes suspicious of her husband’s behaviors and wanderings. In her quest for answers, she kicks down a door behind which she catches her husband with his secret lover: a man. The truth revealed, life goes on, but confusion arises between the three family members. One thing is certain: the perfect family portrait has shattered into pieces.

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