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Baboon And Broccoli


陆叔远 Robert Loh, 2020

Hong Kong


72岁的纪录片男主回顾自己的一生。背景中香港这座城市五十年代 以来也大有变迁。从无邪的孩童年代,再到逐渐成人,男主经历了家 庭变故、酸甜苦辣、未言的深爱、自否、虚无和种种离合悲欢。虽在人 生黑暗的一面找到了诸多答案,男主内心中的真与美终将其渡到了 光明的彼岸。

A 72-year-old man reviews his life passages as Hong Kong also go through from 50s to present. A positive happy child goes through family woes, tragic events, unspoken love, self-denial even nihilism. Finally, he finds answers in the Dark end, and his intrinsic good all help to float the spirit and anchor it in the Light.

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