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Brief Story from the Green Planet


Santiago Loza, 2019




The story starts with a group of three friends: Tania, a trans girl performing in nightclubs in Buenos Aires; Pedro, a young creature of the night making a living as a voguing dancer and Daniela who works as a waitress and is overwhelmed with melancholia since a painful breakup. After an unexpected encounter with an alien, the three close friends are given the mission to send this mysterious creature back to where it came from. However, the task is arduous, and the protagonists will be confronted with a difficult dilemma. What decision will they make? Will they accomplish their mission before it’s too late? 

Tania, Pedro和Daniela是亲密的朋友。一天,Tania得知自己的祖母去世,决定带着两位朋友回家打理祖母留下的遗产,但他们却意外发现,陪伴祖母度过最后一段时光的,竟然是一位外星人。


When Tania receives the news that her grandmother passed away, she returns to her hometown, accompanied by her two friends, Pedro and Daniela, in the house she has inherited. Much to her surprise, she finds out that an Alien took care of her grandmother during her last years, keeping her company. 

Her grandmother’s last will is that Tania returns the creature to the place it first appeared. Tania, Pedro and Daniela begin a quest for this unknown place. However, the journey gets tougher when Tania’s health starts to deteriorate. To return the alien on time and save Tania, the three travelling companions will need to overcome their fears and demonstrate genuine friendship. 

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