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Dinho's Laces


Adriane Canan, 2019

巴西 Brazil


60年代时的丁霍还是年轻,出生于巴西南部 一个渔村的他挑战了种种传统教条。别人家 的男孩都会出海打渔,子承父业,丁霍则偷偷 地学会了编织葡萄牙蕾丝的手艺。时过境迁, 今天的丁霍已编织出了自己的灿烂人生,向我 们娓娓道来一段传奇故事。

Dinho, while still young in the 60s, challenged the traditions of a fisherman’s vil- lage in southern Brazil. While all the boys would go out to sea and inherit fishing from their fathers, he secretly learned how to weave Portuguese lace. Coming full cir- cle, today Dinho centers his world around weaving and recounts his extraordinary life story.

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