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Funeral Parage Of Roses


松本俊夫 Toshio Matsumoto, 2020



本片带你一头扎进东京变装皇后和女优迷醉 又隐秘的暗夜生活,并真诚展现了情欲纷纷、 张狂不羁的变装皇后们的地下群像,那是充斥 了酒精、毒品、乱弹的吉他、漆黑的睫毛膏和表 演艺术的夜晚......Peter 的恋人Eddie是天生 的销魂“尤物”,和醉酒的商人调笑、和女友们 吃着冰激凌、和当地的太妹在大街上殴斗,让 人没法不注意她的美。她的情敌 Leda 会说 她“蛮横张狂,把男人玩弄于股掌”,但你不 得不承认,Eddie 唯一的过错只是因为她太 美丽,这个世界配她不上。她无可辩驳的存在 连同那喇叭裤、黑皮夹克和 Brian Jones 式的 发型,赤裸直接地挑战着社会秩序,在 Genet 酒吧和东京街头迷乱放肆。

A headlong dive into a dazzling, unseen Tokyo night-world of drag queen bars and fabulous divas, fueled by booze, drugs, fuzz guitars, performance art and black mascara, FUNERAL PARADE offers a frank, openly erotic and unapologetic portrait of an underground community of drag queens. Whether laughing with drunken businessmen, eating ice cream with her girlfriends, or fighting in the streets with a local girl gang, Peter’s ravishing Eddie is somethingtobehold.“Shehasbadman- ners, all she knows is coquetry,”complains her rival Leda – but in fact, Eddie’s bad manners are simply being too gorgeous for this world. Her stunning presence, in bell- bottom pants, black leather jacket and Brian Jones hair-do, is a direct threat to the social order, both in the Bar Genet and in the streets of Tokyo.

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