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Armando Praça, 2020



男同志 Pedro 是一名70岁的护工,葛丽泰嘉 宝的铁杆粉。他要在自己工作的医院里找到 一张空床,拯救他的好友 Daniela;为此他决 定帮一名叫作 Jean 的在押犯人越狱。但因 为担心 Jean 的身体,Pedro 帮 Jean 在自己 的公寓安顿下来,治疗他的伤势。这两人因此 卷入了纠缠不休的情事中;加之 Daniela 的 逝世,Pedro 必须面对自己埋藏已久的孤独。

Pedro, a 70-year-old gay nurse and a big fan of Greta Garbo, needs to find an empty bed in the hospital in which he works to save his best friend Daniela. To do so, he decides to help a criminal in police custody called Jean escape from the premises. But then, worried about Jean’s health, he sets the criminal up in his apartment to be able to treat his wounds. The two wind up having a highly charged affair that brings to the surface his own solitude, now augmented by Daniela’s eminent death.

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