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王明海 Minghai Wang, 2018



生活在一个小县城里的少年杨云,即将面临自己的转折,是继续选择自己热爱的舞蹈,还是到外面的世界闯荡?面对中考成绩以及家庭的压力,TA是继续抗争还是达成妥协呢? 生活在大城市的少年野猫怯于交流,遭遇性侵时也一个人默默承受。随着年岁成长逐渐活泼起来的TA在高中建立了一个社团,为性少数群体发声,却被学校所打压。大学伊始,TA该何去何从?

Yang Yun, a teenager living in a small town, faces a turning point between pursuing their passion for dancing and embracing the real world. Facing the high-school entrance exam and family pressure, would they fight or compromise? Wild Cat, a teenager living in a big city, has always endured the trauma of sexual assault in silence. Coming to assume a more assertive personality, they established a sexual minorities advocacy at school but was suppressed. Heading into college, what should they do?

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