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陈思维 Szu-Wei Chen, 2019

United States


13岁的小杰对他身材精干的哥哥感到甚是 迷恋。为了接近他,小杰装作对篮球感兴趣, 与哥哥一起练球。迷恋最终发展成了一厢情 愿。哥哥带回家女友后,小杰又不得不重新审 视这段情愫。

Jay, a 13-year-old Taiwanese boy, is fasci- nated by his toned and athletic older broth- er. In order to get close to him, Jay feigns an interest in basketball so that his brother will practice with him. Steadily, Jay’s fas- cination develops into an attraction—one with which Jay is forced to reconcile after his brother brings home a girlfriend.

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