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Moving In Between


蔡佳璇 Chia-Hsuan Tsai, 2019

中国台湾 Taiwan, China


出生于台北的Erika原为家中长子,在东京工 作期间,开始释放过去压抑的女性认同。Erika 回到台北后,一方面持续迈向手术换证的目 标,一方面又必须处理与家人的矛盾。达成梦想的过程走得辛苦,与家人和解却是一条更漫长的路。

Eldest son of the family, Erika started to embrace her feminine self while working in Tokyo. After returning to Taipei, she continues to pursue gender reassignment surgery and gender change on paper while tackling conflicts with her family. The journey to fulfill her dream is tough, but the path to reconciliation with her family is even more challenging.

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