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Naked Wheels


Rajesh James, 2016



这部短片记录了来自印度南部地区一帮不同背景的人的一次旅行。 他们乘卡车从科钦出发一路开往果阿邦又返程归来。他们这次漫长 旅程的终点站是一个开放包容的世界,旅途中一行人探讨了许多关 于生命、爱、和性别的话题。他们自始至终都抱有一个美好的愿景,希 望终有一日,人们不会因为主流大众的“不理解”而受到诛杀与迫害。

A diverse group of people undertake a journey across South India in a truck from Kochi to Goa and back. Along the way they explore life, love, and gender, with an ultimate hope for a society where no more lives are crushed or desire perse- cuted just because the majority does not “understand” it.

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