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郭东勋 Dongxun Guo, 2019

日本 Japan


港口小镇上,少女Yoko帮母亲打理着家庭旅 馆,一位汽车抛锚的法国女房客闯入她一成 不变的生活,两人关系在短暂亲密的接触之 后发生了微妙的变化,她对自我身份的探索 之路也由此开始了。

In a port town in Japan, young girl Yoko helps her mother with their homestay business. A French lady became their guest after her car broke down and interrupted Yoko’s daily routine. Their relationship subtly changed after a short-lived intimacy. Yoko’s thus embarked on the journey to explore her self-identity.

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