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Rarely Normal


Yaoyao, 2017



狗子原本是一名非常优秀的女足运动员,但命运却在TA身上开了无数次的玩笑。在患罕见病的11年间,TA病危6次,瘫痪11次,失聪4次。但TA却用一种逗趣的生活态度野蛮生长着。 同志,残障,爱情,亲情,生命以及活着,让TA不断寻找着真实的自己!

Gouzi is an excellent soccer player, but destiny sends countless curveballs their way. Living with a rare disease for 11 years, they fell critically ill 6 times, were paralyzed 11 times, and lost their hearing 4 times. Yet they keep on living their life with a playful attitude. Queerness, disability, life, love, affection and survival are just some of the pieces they use to puzzle together their own true self.

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