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Sodom’s Cat


黄鼎钧 Huang Ting-Chun, 2017

Taiwan, China


晴天,一个长相稚嫩的男孩,参加了 一场由交友软件所举办的多人性爱活 动,他与其他四个男人开展了肉体的欢愉探索,却无法完全投入其中。当索多玛的大门开启,这些激情到底是真是假? 能够带走的,究竟是心满意足, 还是更大的寂寞?

On a sunny day, a young boy arrives at the sex orgy he signed up for on a dating app. But even while exploring sexual pleasures with four other men, he still feels disengaged. After the gate of Sodom has been opened, how real can this kind of passion be? Will he leave with satisfaction, or with a bigger void in his heart?

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