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Caterina Crescini, 2020

意大利 Italy


比阿特丽斯回想起自己与丝薇娃亲密但折磨 人的关系,觉得自己的生活鸡犬不宁。但换种 视角重新组织起讲述的语言,比阿特丽斯仿佛 又回到了旧日恋情中,就像在照镜子,沉浸在过去充满活力和激情的回忆中。

Beatrice returns with her mind to her rela- tionship with Sveva, to their intense and tormented connection that invades her present reality. Through the reenactment of her words, Beatrice will find herself re- living this relationship, as if looking in the mirror, sinking into the memories of past vitality and passion.

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