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Starting Over


西原孝至 Takashi Nishihara, 2014



19岁的娜娜蜗居在东京城的一个角落里。这世上她能相信的人只有亲生妈妈和自己的恋人玛琳。渴求被爱的娜娜不断地与她们对峙,却 又不总是得偿所愿。和生活的赛跑中娜娜总是落在后面,她挣扎着、 承受着、又重新寻找着爱的真谛......

Nana is 19 and lives in a corner of Tokyo. The only people she can trust are her birth mother and Marin, a girl her age who she has fallen in love with. Nana confronts them in her yearning for love, but the world does not give it to her. With her whole life ahead of her, Nana struggles, suffers, and begins a search for the true meaning of love...

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