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Tales of the Lost Boys


Joselito Altarejos, 2017

Taiwan, Philippines


菲律宾青年艾力克斯从未见过父亲,母亲则在他幼时离家到台湾帮 佣。他才得知母亲已于他乡落地生根,来台后他在偶然间遇见泰雅族 青年杰瑞,两人随即成为心有灵犀的莫逆之交,在得知杰瑞因自己的 同志身分而近乡情怯后,艾力克斯鼓励杰瑞回到家乡对父母坦承自 我,也触动自己内心深处寻找母亲的渴望,两人交织出一段超越性向 并探索自我的真挚情谊。

Alex is a Filipino who has never met his father, and whose mother left to work in Taiwan when he was little. He learns that his mother has settled down in the countryside. Arriving in Taipei, Alex meets Jerry, a Taiwanese native who has stayed away from home for being gay but is yearning for a reunion with his own mother. The two develop a friendship that transcends sexuality and moves both to explore themselves.

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