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Yvo And Chrissy


何小培 He Xiaopei, 2017

China/United Kingdom


这是一部寻找身份、人性、幸福的纪录片。世俗社会以财富、房产、 稳定和出生性别来定义人生,而片中的主人公放弃这一切,重新寻 找自己的身份和生活。这部片子跟随两位英国人——她们的生活促 使着“主流社会”重新思考金钱、家庭、稳定、性、性别和幸福的关系。

A documentary that explores identities, human nature, and happiness. While the larger society tends to define a person’s life with wealth, property, stability and sex, protagonists of the film choose to abandon them all and reconsider their identities and lives. The film follows two Brits as their lives push for mainstream society to rethink the relationships between wealth, family, stability, sex, gender, and happiness.

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