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23 Sept 2018

Conference: Generation Q - Breaking Binaries

SHQFF 2018 is exploring images from the past twenty years of changing queer generations. From late 20th century Chinese documentaries that explore gender expressions to this year’s Teddy Award-winning drama from Brazil, we invite you to witness the changing queer images through time and spaces, and to break through binary systems of gender and sexuality in the society.


This festival has specially included a conference module, hoping to provide an open space for thoughts and discussions. The conference will focus on queer films, as well as the living environment of queer people the films have showcased across various culture and time. American filmmakers Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson, as well as film critic Lesley Qin will open the discussion on the evolution and development of queer cinema.

本届影展特别设置论坛环节,希望在影展的空间下提供话语和想法的自由空间。论坛将就酷儿电影本身,以及其表现出来不同文化不同时代中的酷儿生存环境展开讨论。美国电影制作人Dean Hamer和Joe Wilson以及影评人秦以平将就酷儿电影的演化与发展展开讨论。

Professor Wei Wei from East China Normal University and co-founder of Queer Talks and TransTalks, Lilian Shen, will share their thoughts on queer people’s living conditions, as reflected in queer cinema.


Aside from the guests, we encourage the audience to actively participate and contribute as well.




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