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24 Sept 2018

Short Documentaries Screening

Hometown 《故城》

Minghai Wang 王明海

China 中国

29 min

Yang Yun, a teenager living in a small town, faces a turning point between pursuing their passion for dancing and embracing the real world. Facing the high-school entrance exam and family pressure, would they fight or compromise? Wild Cat, a teenager living in a big city, has always endured the trauma of sexual assault in silence. Coming to assume a more assertive personality, they established a sexual minorities advocacy at school but was suppressed. Heading into college, what should they do?

生活在一个小县城里的少年杨云,即将面临自己的转折,是继续选择自己热爱的舞蹈,还是到外面的世界闯荡?面对中考成绩以及家庭的压力,TA是继续抗争还是达成妥协呢? 生活在大城市的少年野猫怯于交流,遭遇性侵时也一个人默默承受。随着年岁成长逐渐活泼起来的TA在高中建立了一个社团,为性少数群体发声,却被学校所打压。大学伊始,TA该何去何从?

Rarely Normal 《见怪不怪》


China 中国

37 min

Gouzi is an excellent soccer player, but destiny sends countless curveballs her way. Living with a rare disease for 11 years, she fell critically ill 6 times, was paralyzed 11 times, and lost her hearing 4 times. Yet she keeps on living her life with a playful attitude. Queerness, disability, life, love, affection and survival are just some of the pieces she uses to puzzle together her own true self.

狗子原本是一名非常优秀的女足运动员,但命运却在TA身上开了无数次的玩笑。在患罕见病的11年间,TA病危6次,瘫痪11次,失聪4次。但TA却用一种逗趣的生活态度野蛮生长着。 同志,残障,爱情,亲情,生命以及活着,让TA不断寻找着真实的自己!

Queer Room 《酷儿房间》

Aram Kwon

South Korea 韩国

29 min

For most in-closet queer people who live with their families, only when they move out of the environment based on gender dichotomy and heterosexual morality, can they open the door to new “houses” and make their own ‘families’. Having denied the normality of marriage and childbirth, queer people created an alternative routine of life and thus engraved such path in the queer history.




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