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24 Sept 2018

World Short Films Screening

《Alex二三事》Something About Alex

Reinout Hellenthal

荷兰 Netherlands


Alex, a troubled and isolated teenager, finds a true and supportive friend in his sister’s boyfriend Hendrik. As Hendrik and Annelies announce their plan to move out, Alex must face what is truly troubling him.

《彩虹下的难民》Refugees under the Rainbow

Stella Traub

德国 Germany


The film tells the story of Yusuf, Ritah and William’s journey from Uganda to Germany. It’s documents violence, hope, frustrations and everyone's own “story of rainbow.”

《第一天,下一秒》1st Day & Next Minute

Sara Koppel



A rush adventure into a gender-fluid zone of desires, where the equally unfulfilled lust and responsibility are as if yin to yang.


Jimi Vall Peterson

瑞典 Sweden


Emil decides to spend the night at Adam’s place after a late-night movie. Emil has unspoken feelings for Adam – feelings that are tested as they share the same bed.

《海浪中的Silvia》Silvia in the waves

Giovana Olmos

加拿大 Canada


Noa struggles to honor the identity of his recently deceased “father,” while his mother tries to uphold the image of a “conventional family.” Grief and fantasy entwine to reveal the complex relationship between history and erasure, identity and memory.

《男孩的忧虑》Little Boy Blue

Andreas Samuelson

瑞典 Sweden


A boy and his two fathers are enjoying the night, when an unsolicited stranger knocks at their door.

《Sookee——海马和柜子》Sookee- of Seahorses and Closets

Johannes Jungehulsing

德国 Germany


The film is a multilayered and intimate portrait of Sookee, a famous queer-feminist Hip Hop Artist and left-wing activist in Germany.


Adam Csoka Keller

英国 UK

“天后”的歌喉唱响了变装酒吧,也名满歌剧院。这一曲超现实梦幻的酷儿古典之音,这具象化的巴洛克符号,这臭名昭著的世纪诗篇,这一首原创的歌剧咏叹调,由首席变装女高音Divina de Campo与作曲家V. R. Alevizos的室内管弦乐团共同首演。

Cries of ‘DIVA’ are known to ring out in the drag bar as well as the opera house. In this surreal queer fantasia on classical music, Baroque iconography, and scandalous first-century verse, drag prima donna Divina de Campo premieres an original operatic aria with chamber orchestra by composer V. R. Alevizos.


Maxime Feyers

比利时 Belgium


France meets her son's girlfriend for the first time before she loses control…



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