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21 December 2019

2019 SHQFF Asian Short Film Screening

Part 2


Gilb Baldoza, Philippines

Kontrolado Ni Girly Ang Buhay N’ya tells a slice of Girly’s life as an unemployed gay man living below poverty line with a passive mother and an abusive stepfather. He later finds his mother being sexually harassed by her partner. His life changes when the abuses repeat to Girly and he has nothing left to do but to control his life forward.


Bob Yang, Frederico Evaristo, Brazil

On the eve of an important ruling, the Taiwan Supreme Court Judge receives an unexpected letter.

Miss Man

Tathagata Ghosh, India

Manob is in love with another man. And he has a price to pay for that. Not only is he fighting the society around him, but his own homophobic father, who does not even refrain from physical violence to "cure his son from the disease of loving another man". A younger Manob once danced in his school function, dressed up as a woman. And it is from that time he possibly realized that he might be a woman trapped inside a man's body. The stakes get higher when he is also looked down upon by his lover, who refuses to accept him unless he transforms to a woman completely.

Love Lies Bleeding

Angel Teng, Taiwan, China

It’s been five years Laura hasn’t seen Hattie since they abruptly broke up due to Laura’s betrayal. Visiting Los Angeles for her touring exhibition, Laura grabs the chance to stay in Hattie’s apartment as a reconnection.They keep a polite and safe distance. They’re like normal old friends while something slowly reveals. Hattie finally unleashes how much pain she’s suffered when she gets drunk in the bar. However, she switches her mood in a flash.

We Outlaws

Wang Kaixuan, China Mainland

Keeping to himself during the day, a young male factory worker always dreams of living his life as a woman. When the evening descends, she switches into women's clothes and dances the night away. One night, she runs into a boy she likes, but doesn't have the courage to tell him her true identity. One evening, the boy follows her into the park....


Peng Xue, China Mainland

The true story of a Ye Yongzhi, a Taiwanese teenager who died from gender discrimination at school.

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