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1 October 2020

SHQFF & Nowness Asia Picks

Online screening of SHQFF's finest outstanding asian short films



Before this year’s festival starts, let’s re-watch some classic queer movies.

Since its initiation, SHQFF has always been devoted to supporting Asian queer cinema. In each year’s SHQFF Short Film Section, we always seek to present a wide and diverse range of Asian queer short films.

这个十月,我们与Nowness Asia合作,从影展往届的“短片单元”官方入选作品中精选了5部优异的亚洲短片进行线上展映。如果你从未听说过这些作品,现在正是一睹精彩的好时机;如果你已经看过,也欢迎你与我们一起在线上世界里重温这些优秀而生动的影像。

This October, we are collaborating with Nowness Asia to select 5 outstanding Asian short films from SHQFF Short Film Section’s official selection for an online screening. If you’ve never heard of these works, this is a great opportunity for you to enjoy them; if you have already watched them before, then we welcome you to relive these excellent and vivid films with us.


Nowness Asia

作为全球首屈一指的热门影像平台,Nowness Asia致力于创造并展示丰富的亚洲艺术和文化。Nowness 对浏览地区不设限制,所展出的影像风格也以多元著称。

As one of the world’s most popular video platforms, Nowness Asia is committed to creating and displaying diverse Asian art and culture through different mediums. Nowness does not impose limits on what it shares with its audience, showcasing films that can be best described as varied and unique.



This collaborative project launched in early October, and the screening will last until mid-November. Please click the following links for more information.

SHQFF playlist:

Nowness Asia:

Nowness Asia Picks:

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