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24 September 2020

SHQFF & Voguing Shanghai Co-presents

Paris Is Burning screening & Voguing Shanghai Performance


If you’ve ever heard slutty laughter resonating through the streets late at night, if you’ve ever dressed to the nines and sashayed onto a dance floor, if you’ve ever gossiped about the beauty of each passerby outside a bar, you should know- the reason we’re able to proudly and naturally embody the Queen Bitch persona can be traced back to the release of Paris is Burning 30 years ago.


Director Jennie Livingston probably did not expect this “fire” to have ignited the Americas, much less spreading beyond the continent and burning down cultural barriers across the globe. This low budget documentary offers an intimate portrait of an established subculture consisting of queer/trans and Black/Latinx communities living through the AIDS crisis that began to rock New York in the 80s. It uses a spiritually “real”beauty and confidence to resist the constrictive nature of “proper society”, as well as sends a critical, almost life-saving, message: you might be the minority, but you are not alone.

在《巴黎在燃烧》30周年之际,为展示并庆祝社群力量,上海酷儿影展将和Voguing Shanghai一起,于9月24日在44KW推出影片展映+Ballroom活动。当晚除了展映这部酷儿电影的里程碑之作,还会播放由NOWNESS拍摄的Voguing文化短片。

2020 marks the 30th anniversary of Paris is Burning. On September 24, the film screening and ballroom event will be held in 44KW by SHQFF & Voguing Shanghai, to present and celebrate the power of our communities.


Besides Paris is Burning, we will also be showing the Voguing Cultural documentary by NOWNESS.

After the screenings, there will be featured speech introducing more stories and information about ballroom culture. Guests include:

Ting (left)


Curator of SHQFF.

赵丹 Zhao Dan (right)


Director of the screened short from NOWNESS

Shirley Milan (left)

Voguing Shanghai联合创始人,

也是传奇家族House of Milan家族成员兼中国大陆首个家族Kawakubo家族族母雪莲

Co-founder of Voguing Shanghai. Member of House of Milan.

JackyJacky (right)

Voguing Shanghai联合创始人

Co-founder of Voguing Shanghai.


Voguing Shanghai 表演

Voguing Shanghai Performance

在Ballroom的Realness category中,参赛者会尽可能打扮成理想中的某个职业。但无论何种职业,每种职业都有最独特的闪光点,每一位在岗位上奋斗的人也值得被看见。以其为灵感,Shirley Milan将会带领五位舞者化身军官、教师、飞行员、时尚编辑、健身教练进行old way舞蹈表演《All Star》,以彰显真实与自我。

In the Realness category of Ballroom, participants will dress up like their ideal professions. Each occupation has its own way to shine and is worth being seen and heard. Shirley Milan will lead five dancers in dressing up as a military officer, teacher, pilot, fashion editor, and fitness coach, and then performing the old way style of All Star dancing to showcase their true selves.




影片展映和 Voguing Shanghai 表演后,当晚也为大家准备了蹦迪的舞台,DJ为 TSUNANO 和 RUI HO 。

Following the screening and Voguing Shanghai dancing, DJ TSUNANO and RUI HO will start the party for the night!

Tsunang & Ruiho

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