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13 December 2020

World Short Film Competition Screening 1

Part 1 screening


巴西 Brazil 2019

Adriane Canan

60年代时的丁霍还是年轻,出生于巴西南部 一个渔村的他挑战了种种传统教条。别人家 的男孩都会出海打渔,子承父业,丁霍则偷偷 地学会了编织葡萄牙蕾丝的手艺。时过境迁, 今天的丁霍已编织出了自己的灿烂人生,向我 们娓娓道来一段传奇故事。

Dinho, while still young in the 60s, chal- lenged the traditions of a fisherman’s village in southern Brazil. While all the boys would go out to sea and inherit fishing from their fathers, he secretly learned how to weave Portuguese lace. Coming full circle, today Dinho centers his world around weaving and recounts his extraordinary life story.

丁丁写真 DIX PIX

英国 UK 2019

Steven Fraser

这是一部动画纪录短片,聚焦于男同性恋者、 跨性别者和非二元性别者的身体,也探究了 人为什么常在约会软件上发裸照。所有采访 均通过同性约会软件 Grindr进行,所有私处 照片也均是重新绘制的动画版。

A short, animated documentary that looks at the gay male/trans/non-binary body and why it is common for people to send naked pictures via dating apps. All inter- views were conducted over the gay dating/ hookup app Grindr and feature a series of redrawn and animated dick pics.


法国France 2019

Valentin Merz Tanören

一年夏天,路易斯和保罗在乡村深处的城堡 度假。这对恋人的感情却逐现危机。路易斯 觉得保罗对他越来越疏远,他在梦境中寻求 安慰,在欲望与厌恶、渴望与毁灭、希望与妄 想间辗转。

It’s summer, Louis and Paul are on holiday in a bourgeois chateau in the depths of the countryside. The couple is in crisis. Louis feels rejected, while Paul is becoming increasingly distant. Louis takes refuge in his dreams, which shift between desire and repulsion, longing and destruction, hope and paranoia.


意大利 Italy 2020

Matteo De Liberato

两个原本遥远的星系相撞时,结果总是不可 预测。就如同卡洛和马可的生活发生了不可 逆转的改变。

When two different and distant galaxies collide, the result is always unpredictable. Two existences, the lives of Carlo and Mar- co, will change shape irreversibly.


波黑 BIH 2020

Ado Hasanovic

2019年9月8日,萨拉热窝举办了首届同志游 行。然而,大家都准备好面对这次游行了吗?

On September 8, 2019 Sarajevo hosts its first Pride March. Are people ready for this event?


法国 France 2020

Yohann Gloaguen

里奥是个20几岁的青年。他的家人在一场爆 炸中身亡,但所幸他还有朋友相伴。里奥和 朋友们每天浑浑噩噩地消磨时间,偶尔抢劫 超市,整晚喝酒抽烟。但这一切并不能缓解 里奥的绝望与愤怒,他觉得每天都是他生命 的最后一天。

Leo’s family was blown up by a tragedy, but he still has his buddies. Together, they spend their days zoning out, occasionally robbing supermarkets, and their evenings drinking and smoking. But that doesn’t appease Leo’s desperate rage, as he gets up every morning without knowing if he’ll see the end of the day.

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